Dream Big

Many join the GSTC for the community, the team runs, the social outings, the cool uniforms, or the group workouts. Some, however, want a personalized training plan to help them reach their goal - be it a sub-20 5k, a sub-3:00 marathon, a sub-4:00 mile, or a sub-50 400m.

Whatever your goal may be, we have coaches who can help. Email us at [email protected] to inquire about options, and we'll connect you with someone local to help.

In your email, be sure to give us some background information on you. How long have you been running? What are your PRs? What sort of training has worked well for you? What injuries have you had over the last few years? What are your goals for this season and this year?

Every Olympic and world class runner has someone providing them guidance, structure, and support. You deserve the same!