Jr. Elite Team

Meet The Team

We believe in the high school track team, the high school track coach, and the high school infrastructure. For generations, this has been a positive platform for teenagers across the country. High schoolers thrive under one coach and one team, and we believe in the meaningful connection between a student-athlete and the school.

However, there are a growing list of reasons why high schoolers would need another team option. Perhaps the school doesn’t have a track team. Perhaps the student-athlete has other commitments that conflict with traditional practice times. Maybe the team doesn’t have the right coach or environment to support the student-athlete’s needs. Maybe the student-athlete is transferring. Perhaps the family needs more flexibility with training and racing.

Either way, the GSTC Junior/HS Elite squad has been supporting high schoolers in such situations for over a decade.

There are two options for families to choose:

1) Athletes continue racing for their high school.

This means they receive a personalized, weekly training plan, and they have the option to attend bi-weekly GSTC practices to enhance their training. On the easy days, they train with their high school teams. Although this requires some communication and flexibility with all parties involved, this path has been successful for many because the training plan and training environment are so critical to performance.

2) They train and race exclusively for the GSTC.

Much like Olympic Gold Medalist Athing Mu did in high school, we attend quality meets year-round that are excellent opportunities for high school athletes not involved in the traditional high school racing schedule And to be sure, college coaches care only about times and personality of the student-athlete. They recognize the value in the proliferating options offered to the 21st century student-athlete today.

Every situation is different, so there's lots of baked-in flexibility. Either way, this program exists to support the unique needs of student-athletes who require unique support and guidance to maximize their potential. Indeed, the traditional "one-size-fits-all" coaching model just doesn't work for everyone, and that's why this program exists.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please email us at [email protected]